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How to import notes from JPilot (Linux)

1. Export the memos into a comma separated file (csv)

In JPilot select your notes, then go to File Menu -> Export and select CVS button in
dialog and then save file as a cvs file (example – palmnotes.cvs).

2. Convert the file to the correct format

Run the following command on the file:

sed -i -e "1d" -e 's@,"0"@@' palmnotes.csv

If you exported any notes marked as “private”, you have to use the following command:

sed -i -e "1d" -e 's@,"0"@@' -e 's@,"1"@@' palmnotes.csv

So you get the correct csv-file-format:
“foldername”,“note content”
“foldername”,“note content”

Now you need to convert the file encoding. Because of most users work with Windows, Note Everything expects the file in Windows-1252 encoding.
So convert the file with the following command:

iconv -f UTF-8 -t WINDOWS-1252 palmnotes.csv > memo1252.csv

Then follow from the step 4 of the common instructions.